Makar Sankranti Lohri & Pongal


Makar Sankranti is one of the most sacred festival for the Hindus, and is celebrated in approximately every parts of the country in different cultural forms, with great devotion, dedication & gaiety. On this auspicious day, the female idol (devi) slayed the demon Kinkarasur. 

 Makar sankranti festival, which is falls each year on the same date, January 14. In various region of India, it is known by varied names. In North India region observe it as Makar Sankranti, or Uttarayana. People from Punjab and Haryana says it Lohri. Assamese entitle it Bhogali Bihu. The South Indians people celebrate it as Pongs. Lohri is the most passionate festivals of Northern India. Pongal is most imperative festival of Tamilians. All these festivals transpire either on January 13 or 14. The motive for celebrating them is the same.

Entire the country, Makar Sankranti is observed with great display. This day also holds a historical and religious meaning. As, it is the event of Sun God and he is regarded as the sign divinity and wisdom, the festival also have an eternal meaning to it.


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