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Punjabi Wedding

Punjabi Wedding

Sikh families have after wedding games to welcome the new bride to their family. One of them is the knotted string game, where the sister of the groom ties several knots in a long string and the bride and groom are supposed to use one hand each and work together to pry open the knots. It is believed that the sooner they untie the knots, the smoother their wedded life will be.

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Dedicated to all girls

Dedicated to all girls

Dedicated to all girls…and girls must be agree….?
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Why Girl’s get married and go to a strangers home?

Why Girl's get married and go 2 a strangers home .?

Beautiful Answer..

Because they are blessed Angles of the Almighty
After filling their Own home with colour Of Happiness,
they go away 2 Color Other’s home

Girls Respect Their Mother-in-law , Father-in-law Like Her Own..
They Care For Everyone..
May She Miss Her Home , Maa , Papa , Bro , Sis But She Always Hide Her Feelings From everyone..

Realize the values Of girls and respect them ..